Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Black women are dating more white men and are confronting increasing racial issues. 
Is this mixed love healthy? What do you think? 

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  1. That man (tommy) is ignorant, The whole situation is a shame and has more to do with lack of humanity on the man in NY part and perhaps racism. This has nothing to do with her interracial marriage at all. The same thing would have happened if her husband was Black. You can't predict what tragedy will befall u based on ur partners race. If that was the case then maybe Jennifer Hudson would still have a nephew and mother if her sister hadn't married a crazy killing Black man. A person could argue that marrying a White Man would have prevented those killings and given her a better life. Marry who you love and respects you period. As far as the wedding photo that is one pic, and even his family had an issue with her. He valued his love for to make the commitment to love her honorably and not have her as his "Baby Momma or side Piece" (plenty of Black men will devalue most women of any race with their lack of commitment. and put their penis everywhere spreading their seed) You don't know if his family came around over time especially after the kids were born, which is common in these situations. But either way he married her ,made her the mother of his kids, worked hard to provide his family a good life. The man had a city job, so I guess he had to work, and maybe she didn't want to leave. They were two grown people who knew how to love and commit to each other...period. This tragedy is more about other peoples ugliness and ignorance, I hope the grief of it all doesn't tear them apart. Too many people are are cowards period whether its to be humane and reach out a helping hand or wanting, others ppl's approval for their love choices.